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Playbill for 'Oliver Twist! Or the Parish Boy's Progress' adapted from Dickens's novel by George Almar, Davidge's Royal Surrey Theatre, 1838

Daguerrotype of Charles Dickens by John Jabez Edwin Mayall

'The Pickwick Room' at the George & Vulture

Original sketch of Pickwick by Phiz

Parian bust of Dickens by William Henry Goss

Stockinette and fabric figurine of Miss Havisham

Charles Dickens by Margaret Gillies, 1843

Memorial engraving of Charles Dickens, Gad's Hill and Dickens's grave in Westminster Abbey

Memorial print of Charles Dickens, after R. H. Mason

Front cover of 'The Period' depicting Charles Dickens with two hand puppets

Engraving of Charles Dickens brandishing a quill pen like a sword, standing on the head of Mr Pickwick

Print of caricature of Charles Dickens with the body of a jackdaw

Page from Reynolds's Miscellany with an engraving depicting Charles Dickens, Sir E. Bulwer Lytton and William Harrison Ainsworth

Coloured print of Charles Dickens at his writing desk at Gad's Hill

Engraving of Charles Dickens reading at St James's Hall

Page from 'Moonshine' magazine with an engraving of Charles Dickens and characters talking about Christmas

Page from 'Fun' magazine with an engraving of Charles Dickens and a poem

Two prints of Charles Dickens in his 50s, in profile

Colour advertisement for Brandauer Circular pointed pens, depicting Charles Dickens

Coloured print of Charles Dickens sitting in an armchair with characters from his novels

Print of Charles Dickens with a moustache by H Y Linton, c.1840s - 1850s

Print of Charles Dickens by H Y Linton, c.1840s

Oval print of Charles Dickens with a printed autograph, by Henry Linton

Watercolour portrait of Katey Dickens in 1865

Blue ceramic jug with olive branch decoration from Dickens' desk

Cornucopia flower bouquet holder owned by Catherine Dickens

Carved chinoiserie bracelet and case owned by Catherine Dickens

Snake bracelet with box owned by Catherine Dickens

Relievo of Charles Dickens by Theophilus Smith

A copy of David Copperfield taken on Scott's Antarctic expedition in 1910.

6 original illustrations for Sketches of Young Gentlemen

The first issue of The Daily News edited by Charles Dickens.

Icing sugar 'Charles Dickens' cake decoration

A silver matchbox owned by Charles Dickens.

Maroon leather card-case accompanied by card from Georgina Hogarth

A silver nutmeg box owned by Charles Dickens.

Magnifying glass used by Charles Dickens

Mahogany hall clock and shelf owned by Charles Dickens

Grille from the Marshalsea Prison

Cigar case with gilt frame and monogram used by Charles Dickens

An ivory theatre pass used by Charles Dickens when he was editor of The Daily News.

Graphite portrait of Charles Dickens by Alfred d'Orsay (1842)

Original drawing for illustration ch.3 Pickwick Papers - The Dying Clown

Charles Dickens's chair which stood in the offices of the Daily News

Charcoal and chalk drawing of Charles Dickens giving a reading, St. James's Hall, 1870

Reading desk used by Charles Dickens on his public reading tour of America

Small Figurine of the Fat Boy

Ceramic and fabric decorative pin cushion of Mr. Pickwick

A marble bust of Charles Dickens by Angus Fletcher

Silver cup presented to Charles Dickens in Montreal, 1842

Desk and chair used by Dickens in his study at Gad's Hill Place

Watercolour of the Old Curiosity Shop

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