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Original sketch, 'The Discovery of Jingle in the Fleet' by 'Phiz' for 'Pickwick Papers', 1837



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DH1050, 2021.1.2

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July 1837


Original sketch of 'The Discovery of Jingle in the Fleet' by Hablot Knight Browne, 1837, from chapter 42 of The Pickwick Papers.

After collaborating on the first three numbers, the illustrator Robert Seymour died on 20 April 1836. He was briefly succeeded by Robert William Buss, who Hablot Knight Browne swiftly replaced. Browne worked closely with Dickens and later assumed the pen name ‘Phiz’ (an abbreviation of physiognomy) to accompany Dickens’s pen name Boz.
This original sketch by Phiz shows Mr Pickwick discovering Mr Jingle in Fleet prison.

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Bequeathed by Tony Thornton.
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