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Statuette of Dolly Varden and Joe Willet



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Joe's Farewell

Production person

French, D. C.


This is a detailed figurine of Dolly Varden and Joe Willet from Barnaby Rudge, illustrating the moment of Joe's Farewell. It contains the maker's mark 'DC French'.

Other number

2217 (2009 DH object access database number)

Physical description

This is a very detailed porcelain statuette illustrating a scene from Barnaby Rudge. The characters illustrated are Dolly Varden and Joe Willet and their names as well as the title of the piece- Joe's Farewell- is imprinted at the front of the piece on the base below the two figures. On the right hand side of the base on the back of the statuette is imprinted the artist's name: D.C. French. The woman and man in the scene are standing in front of a brick chimney. The man holds a crumpled hat in his right hand and holds his left hand closed behind his back. Behind his feet is a small bundle of possessions. The woman holds both her hands in front of her, clasping her apron. Her eyes are cast downward while the man is looking at her. Around their feet and on the chimney are the implements for lock-making such as ironmongrey and heart-shaped padlocks. Behind the woman's left shoulder, on a shelf, is a toby jug.

Object history note

Ceramics, Fictional characters, Dolly Varden, Joe Willet, Barnaby Rudge, D.C. French, Daniel Chester French

Inscription content



Inscription description

First two lines are in the middle of the base on the front. the last line of the inscription is on the right hand side of the back of the base.
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