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Small Figurine of the Fat Boy



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Bullock, C

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This is a small, painted figurine possibly made from wax, of the Fat Boy- otherwise known as Joe- from The Pickwick Papers . The figurine was made between 1837 and 1839 by C Bullock, London. It is attached to a circular base and encased in a bell jar.

Other number

2263 (2009 DH object access database number)

Physical description

The figurine is possibly made from hard wax and then painted. He stands with his hands in his pockets, wearing a blue jacket.
The wooden base is painted green on the top and inscribed in handwriting along the base at the back of the figurine: C.Bullock London Sept 1 1839 [or could be 1837].
This figurine shows signs of being handmade as the eyes, eyebrows, lips, and hair appear to be handpainted on.

Object history note

The Bullocks were celebrated wax-modellers and cabinet-makers in the late
eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries: James and Sibylla Bullock operated a
travelling waxwork show, before ‘Mrs Bullock & Son’ (Sibylla and her eldest,
George) established a ‘Modelling and Statuary Warehouse’ in Birmingham in 1797;
another son, William Bullock, opened a museum in Liverpool in 1801 before
moving to London, where he and George in 1812 built the Egyption Hall on
Piccadilly in which to exhibit their curiosities. ‘C. Bullock & Son’ are presumably
from the subsequent generation

Inscription content

C. Bulloch
London Sept 1 1839 [or 1837]

Inscription description

Along the top of the base at the back of the figurine. handwritten in black ink.
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