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A silver nutmeg box owned by Charles Dickens.



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nutmeg box

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A silver nutmeg box owned by Charles Dickens and engraved with his initials 'CD' and dated 1852. The nutmeg box contains remnants of ground nutmeg which would have been inhaled in a similar way to snuff (a smokeless tobacco that was inhaled rather than smoked). The nutmeg box came in a presentation box with several other items owned by Dickens and an authentication note written by Dickens's sister-in-law Georgina Hogarth.

Other number

2495 (2009 DH object access database number)

Physical description

The box is made from silver. Its lid is hinged and engraved with a CD monogram and the year 1852, together with decoration. Hallmarks are included on the inside.

Object history note

This nutmeg box was the personal property of Charles Dickens. In the 1800s, nutmeg was inhaled in a similar way to snuff and Dickens may have carried this nutmeg box on his person.

Inscription content


Inscription description

Engraved on the lid.
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