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6 original illustrations for Sketches of Young Gentlemen



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Military Young Gentleman
Out and out Young Gentleman
The Domestic Young Gentleman
The Funny Young Gentleman
The Poetical Young Gentleman
The Young Ladies Young Gentleman

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Browne, Hablot Knight

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These are six original pencil and wash sketches by Hablot Knight Browne for the short publication Sketches of Young Gentlemen:Military Young Gentleman, Out and out Young Gentleman, The Domestic Young Gentleman, The Funny Young Gentleman, The Poetical Young Gentleman and The Young Ladies Young Gentleman. They have been inserted into a first edition copy of the book ([lib]5145). Made up of short, humorous vignettes, Sketches of Young Gentlemen was illustrated by Browne with text written by Charles Dickens in 1838.

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2597 (2009 DH object access database number)
G5 (The Catalogue of the Suzannet Charles Dickens Collection)

Physical description

These are pen and wash drawings, some with pencil on paper. Original boards with a red half-morocco slip case.

Object history note

Hablot Knight Browne who was well known by his pen name, 'Phiz', contributed to Chapman & Hall's extremely successful publication Sketches of Young Ladies in 1837. This short work of humorous sketches was written by Edward Cassall, but published under the pesudonym 'Quiz'. The success of Young Ladies prompted Dickens to take on writing a follow-up piece, Sketches of Young Gentlemen, in 1838 (while Dickens was living at Doughty Street) and, two years after that, Sketches of Young Couples to coincide with the engagement of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Claire Tomalin called this: "young Dickens at his most playful," and Peter Ackroyd and Michael Slater speak well of the comic sketches and their larger than life characters.

Inscription content

Military Young Gentlemen
Out and out Young Gentlemen
The Domestic Young Gent[lemen] / Mr Felix Nixon
The Funny Y[oung] Gentleman
The Poetical Y[oung] Gentleman
The Y[oun]g Ladies Y[oun]g Gent[leman] / Wanted back immediately

Inscription description

handwritten under sketches
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