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Charles Dickens's copy of Knight's Pictorial Shakspere: Tragedies Vol.1



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Knight's Pictorial Shakspeare: Tragedies Vol.1

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Shakespeare, William
Knight, Charles

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Virtue & Co


This book 'Knight's Pictorial Shakespere Tragedies Vol 1' was owned by Dickens and contains the Charles Dickens bookplate, as well as a 'Gad's Hill Library' bookplate. Charles Dickens was well acquainted with Shakespeare's work and frequently imitated, occasionally parodied and even adapted his plays in his own writing. He performed 'Merry Wives of Windsor' with his amateur theatrical troop, and took great delight in the link he could draw between his final home at Gad's Hill Place, Higham, Kent - with its connection to a scene from Henry IV, Part I where Falstaff, makes plans to meet at ‘Gadshill’ with Prince Hal and Poins, before enacting their highway robbery plot.

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hardback book, black ink, illustrated.

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