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Portrait of Charles Dickens by James Malcolm Stewart, after Ary Scheffer, 1900



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DH109, 1928.363

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Production person

Stewart, James Malcolm
ary scheffer

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This painting of Charles Dickens is a copy of a portrait originally completed by Ary Scheffer (1795-1858) when the author was in Paris, France, working on the serial of 'Little Dorrit'. Although the original painting was exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1856, the result disappointed both the artist and the sitter. Scheffer’s inability to capture Dickens’s likeness forced long and numerous sittings, therefore frustrating Dickens and preventing him from working on 'Little Dorrit'. On 6 January 1856, Dickens wrote to Forster commenting, 'the nightmare portrait is nearly done'.

Physical description

The painting depicts Charles Dickens, dressed in a black jacket, white shirt and black cravat. He is seated, with his hands interlocked in his lap.

Inscription content

'Malcolm Stewart, 1900 after ARY SCHEFFER'

Inscription description

Lower right corner
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