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Drawing, 'Dickens, the Day After His Death' by John Everett Millais, 1870



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DH112, 1949.3

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Production person

Millais, John Everett

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This is a pencil sketch drawing by John Everett Millais on 10 June 1870 of Charles Dickens in death, lying in bed with his head on a pillow and covered in a blanket, with a bandage around his head.

Millais was a founding member of the Pre-Raphelite brotherhood. Dickens had criticised Millais's early work, but eventually the two became friends and the artist often used Dickens's daughter Katey Perugini as a model in his works. Upon hearing of Dickens's death in 1870, Millais travelled to Gad's Hill Place to draw the novelist in state. It was drawn by Millais the day after Dickens's death and was gifted to Katey Perugini.

Physical description

This is a pencil sketch on paper.
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