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Watercolour portrait of Kate Perugini by Marcus Stone, 1865



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DH1177, 2023.61

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Production person

Stone, Marcus

Production date

August, 1865


This portrait was painted in 1865 when Kate was married to Charles Allston Collins, who she married to before Charles Perugini. Collins was very ill and as the couple could not afford a nurse, Kate had to look after him, making herself susceptible to infection and sickness. When Kate returned to London in 1865 she is presumed to have been quite ill; however, Marcus Stone succeeds in capturing her elegance and beauty in this portrait. Marcus Stone was close friends with Kate and they often painted together and moved in the same artistic circles. This watercolour was owned by her father, Charles Dickens.

Marcus’s father, Frank Stone, was friends with Dickens and had illustrated 'The Haunted Man' and later editions of 'Martin Chuzzlewit' and 'Nicholas Nickleby'; the families were also neighbours at Tavistock Square. Frank Stone died suddenly from a heart aneurysm in 1859, so Dickens quickly welcomed Marcus to the family and supported him in his artistic endeavours by asking him to produce the frontispiece for 'Little Dorrit' and illustrate 'Our Mutual Friend'. By the age of eighteen, Marcus had already exhibited his first painting at the Royal Academy and went on to achieve artistic fame and wealth.

Physical description

This is a watercolour painting on paper, depicting Katey Collins (née Dickens).

Inscription content

'Augst \ 65'. Plate with inscription 'Kate Macready Dickens 3rd child of C.D. 1839-1919'.

Inscription description

Left side

Credit line

Purchased in 2010 with assistance from the Art Fund.
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