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Blue ceramic jug with olive branch decoration owned by Charles Dickens



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DH775, 2019.4.1

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This ceramic jug was owned by Charles Dickens and he displayed it on his writing desk. It dates from the 1840s and was likely picked up as a souvenir in Aix-les-Bains, a thermal spa town in Eastern France, in an area we know Dickens visited in the period. The jug has a short spout and handle, a thick blue glaze on the outside and three-dimensional olive branch and olives, painted in green and brown. The words "Aix les Bains" are painted on one of the leaves. This jug is particularly revealing of Dickens’s sense of taste and his fondness to surround himself when working with items that reflected his travels and adventures with friends. Dickens was an avid traveller to France and wrote to Count D’Orsay about a trip he made in 1844. Dickens noted: “My eyes ached and my head grew giddy, as novelty, novelty, novelty; nothing but strange and striking things; came swarming before me...” (Dickens to Count D’Orsay 7 August 1844).

Physical description

White ceramic jug with a thick blue glaze on the outside and three dimensional decoration of an olive branch with five olives. The leaves are glazed in green and brown and the olives are dark brown. The jug has a short spout and small handle on the side, as well as a larger handle over the top of the jug. Painted on two if the leaves appears to the be words Aix les Bains

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Aix les Bains

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Purchased with support from the Arts Council England/V&A Purchase Grant Fund (National Lottery), the Art Fund and the Dickens Fellowship.
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